A few days ago, my neighbor’s worst nightmare came true. His beloved dog, Bailey, escaped out of his apartment and took off into the neighborhood. He’s had her for years, and nothing was out of the ordinary the night she slipped out–there was absolutely no reason to believe she was going to take off running … Read more

Who’s Got The Best Prices On Dog Food, Treats, And Toys?

Oh man, I have been doing some major recon to bring you this post, ladies ‘n gents. Well…if I’m being honest…this project was totally selfish. I just wanted to know what retailer really had the best prices on the dog supplies I buy the most. THIS WAS A MUCH BIGGER PAIN IN THE ASS THAN … Read more

Review: West Pack BnB

If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that my go-to dog professional is Matt Beisner at THE ZEN DOG. Chance and I love not only the training he provides but also the daycare and boarding services. Unfortunately for me (and you) but fortunately for him, the rest of the city is apparently taking notice, … Read more

Where Should I Board My Dog When I Go Out Of Town?

Traveling with a dog is hard. There’s transportation, of course–if your dog is bigger than purse-sized, flying just got EVEN MORE complicated. Road trips can be really exhausting for dogs (especially if they’re not great in the car to begin with), and when you factor in the stress of a disrupted schedule and a strange … Read more

Chance The Rescue Dog And The Torn CCL

The products I’ve linked to in this article are the ones I used and absolutely SWEAR BY. I do get a tiny commission if you click through the links to purchase, but your purchase price does not increase at all, and your support is very much appreciated! If you got to this article by frantically … Read more

“Crazy” Dog Rescue People: The Case For Understanding

Remember when you were a kid and you wore a pair of goggles into a swimming pool or a lake for the first time? And you were fascinated by how, if you floated juuuust right and your eyeline was EXACTLY at the surface of the water, you could simultaneously see both underwater and out-of-the-water at … Read more

How The Wisdom Panel DNA Test Really Works

If you’re unsure of your dog’s ancestry, you’ve probably thought about DNA-testing your dog. Most people are concerned about how accurate they can really be; the answer is…somewhat? A lot depends on your dog. I’m here to tell you about my experience testing my dog’s DNA with the Wisdom Panel 2.0 kit and why, for … Read more

My Dog Is Not A Dalmatian: Why Breed (Mis)Identification Matters

It happens all the time. Someone will say, “What is he? Dalmatian, obviously, but what else?” I don’t blame them. That’s what I was told, when I stumbled across a squirmy white puppy covered in tiny black spots at an adoption event and asked what breed he was. “Dalmatian/Cattle Dog,” the rescue worker told me. OOH!  I … Read more

Dear Person Whose Dog “Just Wants To Say Hi”

I’m writing this on the off-chance that the person whose dog “just wants to say hi” will read it. Unfortunately, as these things go, there’s a better chance that readers of this piece will feel the same way I do. So, to you I say, please feel free to share on your Facebook/Twitter/WHEREVER, in the … Read more

How To Cool Down An Overheated Dog; Or, The Day I Almost Killed Chance

I’m exaggerating, I didn’t almost kill him. But I was freaked out. FIRST of all–if you think your dog is seriously overheated and they actually might have heat stroke, obviously rush them to the vet. The advice I’m about to give you applies ONLY if you’re thinking, “it’s not that hot out, he can’t possibly be overheated…though he is panting quite a … Read more