Recommended Resources



  • Dog Food Advisor - The best place I've found to decide what to feed your dog.
  • PetMD - A solid resource for health-related questions.
  • Cesar's Way - Again, sorry to everyone who hates Cesar Millan, but I've found his website is a great place to start for all sorts of issues.
  • ASPCA Pet Care - A less-controversial place for behavior/training-related questions.


  • How to Raise the Perfect Dog, by Cesar Millan - I know. Some of you still hate Cesar. But his guidance on boundaries and rituals helped me build a really wonderful foundation with Chance. Go complain about Cesar on your own blog.
  • The Total Dog Manual (, by David Meyer, Abbie Moore, and Dr. Pia Salk - This just came out recently--really wish it had been around when I got Chance! A great introduction to a lot of important dog concepts: What's an appropriate apartment dog? What does it mean, exactly, when a dog wags his tail like that? How do I teach my dog to sit? It doesn't go into a lot of depth but it's a super-helpful first look.

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