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The Quick-Start Guide to Your New Dog

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Did you just get a new dog and have no idea what to do next?

Or have you had a dog for awhile, and you're starting to think maybe there are some things you should have done differently, but you're not sure what?

I got you covered.

There are plenty of books out there on how to raise your brand-new dog, and they usually come with a healthy dose of education on dog behavior and training philosophies.

You know what's NOT out there? A straightforward, nitty-gritty, I-need-to-read-this-on-my-iPad-in-one-hour manual for what to do RIGHT NOW with a brand-new dog.

You'd think there would be. But I couldn't find it--at least I couldn't with one eye on my brand-new puppy to see if he was about to pee on the floor.

Fortunately, after plenty of frantic Googling in the first few hours, days, and weeks of our life together, I was able to find enough good advice that I didn't royally screw Chance up, and now he's a pretty well-mannered little dude.

I want to save you that frantic-ness I felt. That's why I wrote a series of blog posts I've called The Quick-Start Guide to Your New Dog

This might not be the BEST or most comprehensive guide to your new dog--I'm not a dog trainer, behaviorist, or veterinarian, and this series is NOT intended to replace expert advice, classes, or any of that other stuff. I am just a dog-owner who has managed to raise a dog who is not a nightmare. 

Chance doesn't protect his food or toys. After a couple "teachable moments" early on, he's never chewed on anything that wasn't a chew toy. And we worked through (and around) separation anxiety, so now Chance just sleeps contentedly in the kitchen when I leave the house.

These are just a few of the common problems that we were able to successfully avoid or address, and this guide tells you exactly how we did it.

Hopefully this will get you through the first few days (and then some), and will buy you some time to do some research on trainers and the different approaches to raising/training a dog to find the right way for you!

The Quick-Start Guide to Your New Dog is now available in downloadable PDF and e-book versions!

Some of my readers asked for a way to see all the posts in one document they could read on any device and access without an internet connection, and others wanted to be able to print it out because they prefer a physical copy. So I've done both! Purchase the PDF below if you want your own hardcopy:

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...or head over to Amazon to get the e-book if you prefer reading on a mobile device!