Instead of trying to force a pill down Chance's throat, I just slip his morning Apoquel in a Pill Pocket and he gobbles it up like candy. Because most pet health insurances don't cover routine dental services like cleanings, preventative dental care at home is super important. Greenies and PetSafe Busy Buddy Dental Treats promote dental health, but nothing takes the place of brushing your dog's teeth regularly; use Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste (the Malt flavor has no offensive odor and Chance LOVES it) on a doggy toothbrush--these dual-headed ones should fit any dog's mouth, and if he HATES the toothbrush, there's a little finger brush. If your dog is really head-shy and absolutely will not tolerate getting his teeth brushed, you can try spraying Tropiclean Liquid Floss on the accompanying rope toy in this kit (but brushing is way more effective). And I've used the Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray on every little scratch or itchy spot Chance has ever had--it's antibiotic to combat infection, contains a numbing agent to ease the pain/itchy feeling, and has a very bitter flavor to discourage licking and chewing.