By placing a piece of plywood on top and covering it all with a Navajo blanket, my Midwest iCrate serves double-duty as Chance's cozy crate AND my cute bedside table! The Suncast Resin Trash Hideaway has changed my life--I take Chance to potty right outside my apartment, bag up his poo and drop it in this, and take it down to the dumpster every couple of weeks. I use the easy-to-set-up-and-put-away wooden Evenflo Baby Gate to keep Chance in my kitchen when I go out (and I spy on him with the Nest Cam); it lives between my fridge and the dishwasher when not in use. My mom, however, installed the more permanent Summer Infant gate in one of the doorways of her house--it's actually quite pretty, which is nice when you're going to leave it up all the time. Nature's Miracle contains a special enzyme that eliminates pet odors and is an absolute must to have on-hand at all times; it's great for potty training accidents, as well as any potty or vomit accidents that happen when Puppy is sick. Finally, this Serta Orthopedic dog bed is Chance's favorite thing in the world. When he outgrew the one I bought him when he was little, I replaced it with the same exact one in the next size up. Especially nice if you have a dog with sore joints.