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The One Dog One Bone Pool, Small or Large

I know--you're wondering what psycho spends that kind of money on a pool for their dog.

Me. I do. Because I have no access to either a swimming pool or a lake, and Chance LOVES playing in water. And when it gets really hot out and walks get difficult to schedule because of scorching hot concrete, it's basically the best possible form of summer exercise.

I found out Chance loves water when I purchased a $15 plastic kiddie pool at my local drug store when he was just a six-month-old puppy. I don't know if anything his life makes him happier than splashing around in water. Like this:

This is not his original pool. They had a pool one day at the doggie gym. Chance made an enormous mess.

Unfortunately, there are a couple problems with a kiddie pool. If you're a weakling like me, you might have a really hard time draining the thing--once it's full of water, it's SURPRISINGLY heavy and difficult to flip over to spill the water out. The other problem, of course, is the size--Chance outgrew his kiddie pool by the end of his first summer (as you can see above).

Which is how I found out about the One Dog One Bone Dog Pool. Made out of truck-bed liner material, it's virtually indestructible. And yeah, it gets SUPER heavy once it's full, but that's no problem because this pool has a DRAIN. That's right! Just unscrew the little brass stopper and let the pool water your lawn for you. Dog exercised, lawn watered--you deserve a frosty drink!

As you can see, this is a much better size for Chanceypants:

I think this is probably most worth the investment if you have a large dog. For a non-destructive smaller dog, a kiddie pool from the drug store will probably work just fine! If you don't mind the investment and want something a little sturdier than a kiddie pool, One Dog One Bone does make a smaller pool (the paw-shaped one at the top of the page), but be forewarned that one does NOT have a drain.

If, however, you are like me and want to give your larger, water-loving dog some summertime splashing fun, I cannot recommend the large bone-shaped One Dog One Bone pool enough!