Advertising Opportunities on Patchwork Dogs


Affiliate Links

Have a product or service that you want to get in front of my audience, but don't really have an advertising budget? Send me a sample or your promo materials! If I feel like it's a good fit for my audience and I would use the product/service myself, I'm happy to post affiliate links for a referral bonus. 


Another great option for small budgets is a giveaway! Either in the Facebook group, Instagram, or on the blog, a giveaway can generate subscribers for me and leads for you--a total win-win.

Sidebar Advertising

Have a budget but don't need me to do your advertising for you? Sidebar advertising is available on blog posts!

Sponsored Content

If I love your product or service and really want to let my audience know about it, I'm happy to write a sponsored blog post. I do need to make sure my readers understand it's sponsored, but I only write about stuff I would use myself.


For all opportunities, placement and exclusivity will be determined on a case-by-case basis. I can be reached at carrie[at]patchworkdogs[dot]com, or just fill out the form below!

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