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Thanks for visiting Patchwork Dogs! I'm Carrie, a grad student, blogger, and proud adoptive dog-parent to Chance, my Patchwork Dog (that's his spotted butt above).

To me, "patchwork" applies both to Chance himself and our life together. He's such a mixed-breed that a DNA-test could only reveal that he's not a Dalmatian (and probably has a little Catahoula Leopard Dog up that family tree somewhere).

As for our life together, it's a mix of tips, tools, tricks, and philosophies that I've picked up over time. What has worked for us--for everything from training to feeding to relationship-building--has been a little of this and a little of that from a myriad of sources. Mine is a patchwork approach to dog-parenting.

I'm not a dog-trainer, an animal behaviorist, or a veterinarian. I'm just a dog-owner. Chance is my roommate and best friend, and my main concern is keeping him happy and healthy--and keeping me sane. I hope to be able to show you how we've handled the things we've been able to manage, and also I hope I can guide you to the right experts if necessary!

How to Use This Site

This is a dog-blog for people who wish all the information on how to raise/train/care for your dog was just a liiiiiittle bit more user-friendly.

Check out the Start Here page if you're a new user. You'll find my Quick-Start Guide, which I created as a crash-course for those of you who (like me) suddenly found yourself with a dog you were maybe just a LITTLE unprepared for. There's also a page that explains Pet Health Insurance--what it is, how it works, who I recommend, and why I couldn't survive without it. You'll also find my Top Posts (the most popular or generally-most-helpful blog entries). And finally, you'll find a link to the Facebook Group, which I hope you'll find to be a supportive community of dog-parents sharing what's worked for them and their patchwork dogs!

The Blog is where I post new content. Search for specific keywords or topics using the search bar at the top of the page.

The Resources page has a list of websites, books, organizations, and service-providers recommended by me (and Chance).

The Shop page is a collection of my favorite products that we personally use and love. For the most part, you'll find them described in greater detail in blog posts.

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Chance. Chanceypants. The Chancellor.

Chance. Chanceypants. The Chancellor.

A Note on Sponsored Content, Product Reviews, and Affiliate Links: Patchwork Dogs grew out of my inappropriately long Facebook comments and frequent posts about dogs on my non-dog-blog, Taking Fountain. I intend to be as honest here as I am there, regardless of any compensation I may receive, and I'll always make sure any sponsored content is clearly designated as such. If you're interested in sending me a sample product to review, I'll most likely be happy to do so--with the understanding that I need to be completely honest with my readers (I won't, however, post a negative review). In many posts, I've included links to products I recommend; sometimes I receive a commission (at no additional cost to you, dear reader!) if you purchase through those links. Since the CEO of the Internet refuses to give me a salary+benefits package to run any of my blogs, it is obviously very much appreciated when you use those links! Thanks, everyone!


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