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Welcome to Patchwork Dogs

Owning a dog can feel overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. There are so many decisions to make, endless options to choose from, and quite a few people (mostly on the internet) that insist there is only One Right Way to raise your dog.

Surprise twist! That's FALSE.

There are plenty of wrong ways, and you should try to avoid them. But every happy, well-adjusted dog is a patchwork of several right ways that worked for that particular dog and that dog's person. You just have to put them together, piece by piece.

I've stumbled across a lot of wrong AND right ways, and I've managed to keep my dog Chance both alive and reasonably well-mannered, despite zero previous experience on either of our parts.

I want to make the whole process of raising and caring for your best friend less complicated and more user-friendly, whether you just met or have been together for awhile.

If we can manage it, you can too.


About Us

Hi! I'm Carrie, and that's my dog Chance. He is not, in fact, a Dalmatian.

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